When Our Politics Become Our Religion

This morning as I contemplate the world around me I am left feeling sad and deeply concerned for the future of the United States of America, but more so, for the future of the Christian faith, probably for reasons different from what you think.

I am so very concerned because we are more able than ever to see what is truly in a person’s heart and mind by what they put on social media. What I’ve seen of some of my Christian friends, as well as other’s who identify themselves as Christ-followers, has led me to wonder if their politics has become their religion.

Billy Graham once said, “Give me five minutes with a person’s checkbook, and I will tell you where their heart is.” This is still a very true statement and holds the same value when it comes to social media...

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Holy Week Is Over, What Now?

Holy Week Is Over, What Now?

On Thursday we felt sorrow for the unconscionable betrayal and unwarranted arrest.

On Friday we wept at the thought of His agonizing suffering and death.

On Saturday we mourned the loss of the One who willingly died to set us free.

On Sunday we rejoiced in knowing the stone had been rolled away! He has risen!

Holy week is over, what now?

Last week I, along with my husband and two of his sisters, witnessed my Mother-in-law, LaVerne Ryan, take her very last breath on this earth. She was frail from 90 years of living and more than ready to finally see her Savior face to face. It was a beautiful and inspirational moment of transition from this life to her heavenly home. It was a moment I shall not soon forget.

Most of LaVerne’s family credit her as being the ...

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Jesus The One And Only

I am overcome with emotional gratitude at the thought of the cross my Lord bore for me. Where or who would I be without Jesus?!

His sacrifice can never be repaid, but it can be honored with our praise and purposeful living to further spread His message of love and salvation.

He didn’t ask much of us; love God, love others. If we do this, everything else comes together.

On this, the day we honor the pain and suffering our Savior endured on our behalf let us vow to love more and fight less; give more and ask for less.

As we celebrate His life, death and resurrection, may we always remember the unshakable love He poured out for each and every one of us.

All honor and glory to our Lord and Savior; He alone is worthy to be praised!

May the Lord of all creation bless you and keep you in H...

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Let Go Of The String

Dear God, please help me with….

Have you ever given a problem to God only to take it back again? Possibly over and over again? Me too. We ask Him for help, then after the amen we feel so much better. We rejoice in knowing we serve a REALLY BIG GOD! He’s got this!

After a while, the little voices in our head start to remind us of the problem all over again. We start to replay each and every detail in our minds. (someone please tell me this isn’t just me)

What have we done? Yep, we’ve retrieved that burden we so emphatically handed over to God and placed it right back in our own hands. Oy!

In that moment God must be saying; seriously child?! I’m not going to play tug of war with you. Either give it to Me and let Me handle it, or keep it...

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Jesus, The Lifter of My Head

I was made fun of when I was a young girl because I would walk with my head down most of the time. “Why do you always look down? Why don’t you hold your head up? What’s wrong with you?”

Life just wasn’t easy in those days. Family life was difficult and often physically and emotionally painful. What did I have to hold my head up for?

After one of the last times I was made fun of I decided to always try to look straight ahead. It wasn’t easy. I had walked looking down for a long time. Eventually, I learned to (most of the time) look up when I walked.

I was reminded of this just today as I walked down the street to a meeting a couple of blocks away. I was in deep thought and caught myself looking down for a brief period...

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