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Jesus, The Lifter of My Head

I was made fun of when I was a young girl because I would walk with my head down most of the time. “Why do you always look down? Why don’t you hold your head up? What’s wrong with you?”

Life just wasn’t easy in those days. Family life was difficult and often physically and emotionally painful. What did I have to hold my head up for?

After one of the last times I was made fun of I decided to always try to look straight ahead. It wasn’t easy. I had walked looking down for a long time. Eventually, I learned to (most of the time) look up when I walked.

I was reminded of this just today as I walked down the street to a meeting a couple of blocks away. I was in deep thought and caught myself looking down for a brief period...

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Can We Still Be Friends?

love-godlove-peopleWhen I was a child it was often said that politics and religion were two subjects one should not discuss with too many people. I didn’t understand why then, but I’ve seen why over the years and, even more so, during this most recent political season.

Do you have a Facebook page? Have you “unfriended” people over things they’ve posted during this highly flammable election season? Many have.

I made a decision during the general election to not post or comment on anything political. Social media has made it too easy for people to express views in much more hateful ways than they would if they were having an actual face to face conversation. The old saying, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” needs to make a comeback.

In my lifetime I’ve been called foolish, by...

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