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When my son was a teenager, he often wore a t-shirt that read; “Live your life so the Preacher doesn’t have to lie at your funeral”.

The “about Toni” page is supposed to be, well, about me. But I’d like to put a little twist on this page and tell you how I hope people will remember me after I’ve taken my very last breath on this earth.





Toni was a fully devoted follower of Christ. Her time alone with her Savior was as necessary as breathing. She was always available when someone was in need, with a listening ear, a kind word and a prayer. Toni was married to the man of her dreams and did her very best to make sure Jerry knew he was the love of her life on a daily basis. She loved being a mom and always felt privileged to be called Mama by the most amazing son in the world. She was honored to co-parent her step-children who meant more to her than they ever knew. Toni was a good friend, small group leader, speaker, and writer who’s passion for leading others closer to the foot of the cross has inspired others to do the same. Toni will be missed by many.

So, these are some thoughts of how I hope I will be remembered, but know I have such a long way to go. My daily prayer is this: Lord, fix me where I need to be fixed; change me where I need to be changed; mold me and shape me into the woman You have called me to be.

My fervent hope and prayer is this: One day, when I’ve taken my very last breath, when I am standing face to face with Jesus, I will hear those very precious words we all long to hear. “Well done, good and faithful servant”.

What about you? What do you want others to remember and say about you when you’ve taken your very last breath here on earth? As we ponder that thought, I pray for each of us to do our absolute best to be the people we want to be remembered as. And that the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior will be honored in all we say and do.

Thank you for stopping by.

In His embrace,


Trust in the LORD with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes; Fear the LORD and turn away from evil. It will be healing to your body and refreshment to your bones. Psalm 3:5-8 NASB

7 comments to About Toni

  • Trease  says:

    Toni, I am proud of the work that you have done on this site. It could only have been done with the wisdom of the One who created you. Looking forward to many more devotionals. You go girl 🙂

    • Toni  says:

      Thank you so much Trease! I am going to launch officially today or tomorrow.
      Love you!!

  • Patricia  says:

    Toni, I can’t thank you enough for inviting me along for your journey to this very place and time. Reading “About Toni” reminded me of great times with our kids, our small group and those t-shirts! Your epitaph describes the mother and true friend that every woman should pray to have. You are a true blessing, Toni. …. reading on….

    • Toni  says:

      Thank you so much Pat!!

  • Susi  says:

    I’m SO proud of you, Toni!! God has amazing and incredible things plans for you!! Buckle up!! =)

    • Toni  says:

      Thank you so much Susi!!! I so appreciate the encouragement!

  • Marjorie  says:

    This is an awesome website, Toni, and a nice breather in a busy day. We all can take a moment to read a couple inspirational stories you have written so well, because it’s from your heart. I enjoyed the “about me” page because it isn’t about you as much as what you continually aspire to be on this Earth.
    I don’t know whether or not you heard that Steve Jobs last SIX words (with exclamation points!) were OH WOW! OH WOW! OH WOW! I certainly have to believe that we will all envision the “WOW” factor as we journey from Earth into His Heavenly Kingdom.
    I will share this with others.

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