Tragedy in Aurora


Whether we know someone in Aurora Colorado or not, today is a sad day for each of us. It’s one more senseless tragedy that ripples sadness and feelings of loss across the miles; one that touches each of us in very unique ways.

And so, we pray.

Heavenly Father,

The evil in this world is too much to handle some days, and this is one of them. Only You and the power of Your Holy Spirit can heal the hurting during times like this. We come before You to ask for peace and comfort for those whose lives are forever changed by this senseless act of violence.

We pray for the victims still living whose lives will forevermore be changed. Heal and comfort them please dear Lord.

We pray for the family and friends of those who have died. Please let them feel Your presence during this very difficult time.

We thank You for the incredible emergency response teams, hospital staff and all who were instrumental in aiding those in need.

We pray for the young man responsible for this malicious, senseless act. Only You know what made him lose control and commit such horrendous acts of merciless violence. His life is in Your hands.

We pray for his family who are at this very moment trying to make sense of the senseless. Dry their tears Lord.

We pray for all who will blame You and say You’ve fallen asleep on the job. We pray they will understand there are those in this world who choose evil over good and have the gift of free will to choose which one to follow.

We pray for Your loving arms to be wrapped around each one as they put one foot in front of the other. Each new day, please help them make a new step toward some sort of normalcy.  

We know You weep with us as we process this very sad time. This alone brings comfort.

Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

In the matchless name of our Lord, Savior and Friend.


In His embrace,


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3 comments to Tragedy in Aurora

  • Tabatha Reber  says:

    You always know the perfect things to say to match what I’m feeling….if that makes sense? It did in my head 🙂 Praying for peace in these times of turmoil!

    • Toni  says:

      It absolutely makes sense!! So many of us are feeling the heartache from across the miles. I believe this is what Jesus meant by, love your neighbor as yourself. Even those we do not know have a place in our hearts.

      God bless you Tabby!

    • Joann  says:


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