Things I Enjoy and Recommend


Send Out Cards

Send Out Cards is a company I not only work with part time, but also  very much enjoy using. Prior to writing this, I sent six greeting cards to friends and family for birthdays and such. Those six greeting cards cost me (all together) $6.18 including postage and only took about 20 minutes to create and send. What a joy!                                                                                                                                                        You choose a card, add your own personal touch including photos if you wish, Send Out Cards prints and mails. You can even add a gift if you wish. Awesome! 

When you click here you will be able to watch a very short video and also have the opportunity to send a free card. Enjoy!


Bible Gateway

When doing biblical research I often turn to Bible Gateway. There are many useful tools as well as multiple translations to choose from. I love my hand held bibles, but also love the ease of the bible online.


Love Languages 

Knowing  the love languages of the ones we love is essential if we truly want those we love to feel our love the way we intend them to.  Knowing your own love language is equally important in order to express to others what makes you feel loved.

Visit the Five Love Language website for book purchasing information as well as a love language assessment tool. I pray it blesses you and those you love immensely!

I am in no way affiliated with this group, I am just a huge fan and love sharing it with others.

I sincerely hope these new tools are helpful to you.

In His embrace,


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