His Presence Makes It Better

Just as the Father has loved Me, I have also loved you; abide in My love. If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love; just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and abide in His love. John 15:9-10


We’ve all had times when we feel like our prayers are falling on deaf ears. God, are You listening? Don’t You care about me anymore?

We recently had a wonderful discussion in my small group about this topic. Why does God heal some and not others? Why do some seem to have it all, while others of us must struggle?

I believe the answer is in knowing God has a plan and a purpose for everything in our lives. Regardless as to whether or not He chooses to heal, He still expects and deserves to be honored and loved. Regardless if He chooses to give us our earthly desires, He still expects and deserves to be respected and obeyed. Regardless of how the enemy tries to knock us down, God still wants and deserves our admiration and love.

We also must remember that NO is an answer, too. Sometimes He says NO for our own good, and sometimes He says NO for His honor and glory to be revealed later on.

Then why should I even bother to pray?

I’m so glad you asked! ☺

We pray because we need to pray. We pray because it’s much more important to have the relationship with our Creator than it is to treat Him as a magic genie where we simply ask and expect our wish to come true.

Let’s put it this way: Let’s say you are one of my very best friends and I’m having a rough day. I call telling you I need a friend. You rush over to find me a mess in need of an extra dose of love. I spew my problems all over while you patiently listen and try to think of a way to help. You offer as much encouragement as possible while still listening intently. I finally stop being a weepy mess. We pray, asking God for guidance and comfort, and then you leave. Whew!

Were you able to solve my problem? No. Were you a good listener? Yes. Did I feel better for having spent time with you? Yes. You did not take my problem with you, but just being here, listening, and showing concern made it easier to deal with. The hug you gave me was like a hug from God Himself. Your presence made me feel better.

Our time spent with our Lord, Savior, and Friend is just the same. If we truly take Him at His word and believe we can actually abide in His love, then we will always feel better after having spent uninterrupted, heart-to-heart time with Him. His presence makes it better!

This side of heaven, we will never understand why God does what He does, or doesn’t do what He doesn’t do. We can, however, find peace in knowing God does love us ALL THE TIME, regardless if we think He’s listening or not. Let’s do our best to remember He’s not a magic genie, but a trusted Friend and Father who chooses to be with us any time of the day or night. He’s with us all the time. That alone makes it better.

Dear Holy Father, Thank You for always knowing what’s best for me. Thank You for always being here to listen and love. Help me, please, to remember Your plan is always best. I love You more than words can express. In the matchless name of our Lord and Savior, amen.

In His embrace,


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10 comments to His Presence Makes It Better

  • Sheila  says:

    My Dear Friend…
    Once again very well said….I think another important aspect of His Presence Makes It Better…is that when we can fully trust and rely on God for the answer to praye, even in the silence, that we can accept the silence and be patient in the process. I am speaking from my own experience here. Thank You for your encouragement and I can tell you …whenever I spend time with you my friend…the love of God exudes and I know I am in the presence of one who truly loves the Lord with all her heart and that always makes it better 🙂

    Love you friend!

    • Toni  says:

      Oh Sheila, you are such a joy to me! Thank you for such lovely words of encouragement! You are so correct about the silence. He is here even when we think He is not. So very thankful for time well spent with you my friend! I always walk away feeling peace when we’ve spent even a few short moments together. The love you have for our Lord is overflowing and leaks out on everyone you meet!! Love you friend!!

  • angie  says:

    Great post as usual. Love your blog. God Bless

    • Toni  says:

      Thank you so much Angie! I enjoy yours (www.joyfuljourneynewsletter.blogspot.com) as well. It’s encouraging when other writers read and respond. Thank you again!

      God bless you and yours.


  • Monica  says:

    Amen and ouch,,lol,,love you Toni,,keep up the excellent work in ministry!!

    • Toni  says:

      Thank you Monica!! Ouch???

  • Monica  says:

    Yes, ouch,,lol, it’s something we say at our church when the preaching is convicting our spirit,,that’s all,it’s a good ouch,,lol…

    • Toni  says:

      Thanks for clearing that up! lol! ☺

  • Nancy Yoshida  says:

    I loved this devotional today. I will use it in grief share where people are sometimes so angry and feel that God has let them down. Hurting people who can’t see God’s purpose even when it’s best to take their loved one home. Your comparison of a good friend caring about you and spending time with you as God wants to comfort you and spend time with you touched my heart. I sent it on to my WOW group and already I heard back from someone that “it was just what she needed to hear today. Her name is Dawn and she is suffering with shingles. Please lift her up in prayer. I love your devotionals and I love you dear one.
    Abundant Blessings

    • Toni  says:

      Thank you Nancy! So happy to know when my words and thoughts reach those that need to hear them. Praying for healing, peace and comfort for Dawn.

      Love you so much!!!


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