He Sees You!

Single mothers often feel alone and unseen. It’s just a fact. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

When I was raising my son without his father, it was often a roller coaster of emotions. I would go for long stretches of time being quite content in my role as single mom. I was able to handle life as I knew it and it felt good to be independent and take good care of my son on my own.

Now and then the ugly monster of loneliness would show up. Did anyone see me? Did anyone know I was lonely? Oh, how I hated those days when contentment would fade.

I was incredibly fortunate to have many friends, some single too, some married, to reach out to and do things with when loneliness would creep in. Did having those dear people to call on take away the loneliness? Much of the time, yes, but not always. Those days were tough. Those were the days I prayed for my vanishing contentment to make a comeback.

In 2009, Avatar, a widely popular movie, was released. Maybe you’ve seen it. Though it was a huge hit, it had it’s share of criticism. Some thought it sent a political message while others thought it was over the top with CGI. The vast majority loved the film and felt it was incredibly well written and directed. Me? I loved it! Why? Because of the theme I saw running throughout. Love ~ Love of home ~ Love of family ~ Love of others; even those very different from us.

The movie was 2 hours and 41 minutes long. Do you know what I remember most from that 161 minutes? One line. “I see you.” That one line spoke more to me than the rest of the entire script. Why? Because it had everything to do with seeing the inner person rather than the outer person. “I see you” means, I fully know you ~ I fully care about you ~ I fully understand who you are ~ I see beyond the external to your innermost being.

If you are a single mom feeling unseen by the world, I have an important message for you. Jesus sees you ~ He fully knows you ~ He fully loves you ~ He fully understands you and what you are going through ~ He is so very proud of you for all you are doing to raise your children with integrity and honor. Yes, Jesus sees you!

When Jesus encountered the woman at the well, He fully saw her.

When Jesus encountered the woman who was so desperate for healing, she dared try to touch Him, He fully saw her.

When Jesus encountered the accused woman, about to be stoned, He fully saw her.

Jesus sees the goodness in us even when others may not see us at all. So thankful!

You may live the same roller coaster of emotion I did. When your contentment begins to fade, reach out to those who love you and always remember you are loved by the One who sees your pain and knows your heart. When feeling contented and sure of yourself, Jesus sees that too. He celebrates every victory with you!

He sees you ~ He knows you ~ He loves you ~ You are never alone.

Father God, I pray for each woman reading this, whether single mama or not. I pray You will touch her heart this very moment to let her know You see her and love her right where she is. Thank You for being ever present in our lives. Thank You for loving us. In the matchless name of our Lord, Savior, and Friend. Amen

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